Artist Statement

I am always so delighted when I see wildlife in nature. I aspire to create a mood in my paintings that allow the viewer to experience that same delight. The excitement of seizing a fleeting moment in time of a creature’s life, giving the viewer a sense of really being there… and in awe too!

I grew up in Wisconsin and was often found out in nature camping, canoeing, hiking and biking. I started drawing nature at an early age and went on to Major in Art at the University of Wisconsin.

I recently added the art of photography to my sketching and observations when I go out into nature to which helps me create realistic compositions and themes for my work. I love traveling local and around the country finding new and exciting subjects. My paint is an acrylic and gouache mixture which I apply to a smooth prepared Masonite board. I place many transparent layers of washes over opaque layers to build the colors, textures and details I need to create the realistic approach I love.